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Digitize Your Executive Personal Branding

Taking control of what executive recruiters and hiring authorities find when they search for your name online isn’t just smart — but critical in today’s digital and global job search landscape. As analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence evolve, it will become ever more imperative that your online executive brand is robust and expansive– beyond setting […]

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How to Build an Evidence-Based Executive Resume: Why Metrics Matter

Most executive and management resumes that I rewrite suffer from an acute condition. The condition? KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The cases that I have diagnosed and cured are either completely lacking in metrics, or so number-infused that they come across more like a balance sheet! [Yawn.] You need the qualitative and the quantitative. Keep in […]

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How to Write Your Executive Resume Unique Value Offer

Ready to job search with a FANTASTIC executive resume? Great! Let’s get to it. Today’s executive resume is more than achievements because at the executive level EVERY candidate is competent and successful. So, if you think contributions on your executive resume is enough to net you the best job opportunities — think again and write again until […]