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2018 Executive Job Search: Are You Ready?

Is this your year? Are you finally ready to “see what else is out there?”

There is no better time than now! Stop procrastinating and get up off your couch. The job search is alive and thriving. You just need to be ready for it. You must be prepared and you must get some insight on the job search market. It appears that 2018 is a promising year for job growth, and according to an article posted on The HuffPost’s website — January and February are the busiest months!

So, what will you need to ensure your job search is successful –yes, of course, a resume–but first, you need to plan and prep!


How to get into “this-is-my-year” job search gear


As a certified career management coach (CCMC), I can assure you that setting vision and goals is critical to whipping your mind into a career-success mode. So, let’s talk the mental first and the action later.

Giving your mind and soul the boost it needs to move and groove into that new YOU!

  1. Why this new career track? List all the positives and tell that ‘inner saboteur’ to shut the hell up (wink).
  2. Why you? Inventory your soft skills (leadership/behavioral traits) and list your hard skills (qualifications, experience, training).
  3. Are you staying in your industry or is it time to go after that dream job? If so, have you the transferable skills and experience to make that jump?
  4. What is your ROI proposition? In other words, why you? What is in it for THEM if they hire YOU. The bottom line.

“They will gain a great leader who cares about the staff “–> That’s great but not what we are looking for. 

“I’m exceptional at motivating staff and driving productivity within existing resources and by uncovering opportunities to save. We saved 14% in OT labor expenses last year while productivity went up for the first time in five years. –> That’s better ROI. You are getting warmer! 


The ‘take-action’ plan


  1. Make an inventory of the tools you will need: resume, cover letter, bio, website, LinkedIn profile, business cards, networking letters.
  2. Do you need a writer? Are you going to hire help or purchase a do-it-yourself career book? If the latter, purchase a book from Amazon that is written by a certified writer and preferably with worksheets. 
  3. Do you know what to do? Perhaps you will write your marketing tools but with the help of a coach?
  4. How do you get your new executive resume into the right hands? Are you going to job search by responding to job ads? By finding recruiters online? By making a list of companies that you wish to work for and finding the contact person’s name and email? Are you going to email all your friends and ask for introductions? (By the way, these are not just questions. Hint, hint.)

Whatever tactic you undertake, the one thing you must do is be very clear about your career target so that you use the right language and prioritize your relevant achievements.

And don’t forget that you must track your actions.  Alyson Doyle wrote a great post with links to online and offline tools that will help you focus, track, succeed! 

Here are a few more links worthy of exploring (apps and online tools) as you organize your 2018 job search plan.

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Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Certified Career Management Coach
Certified Executive Resume Writer

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