Executive Job Search Strategies

Global Executive Resume Keywords

ExecutiveIs your executive resume projecting the global mindset of an enterprising multinational leader?

In today’s global business environment, the candidate that will rise to the top of the resume pile has presented an executive resume that promotes crucial international competencies. These essential skills will help employers see you leading in a complex, dynamic, and fluid (often virtual), environment.


Global Executive Resume Keywords:

International Interaction

Diversity Management

Diversity Consciousness

Cross-Cultural Communications

Global Business Strategy

Complexity Management

Conflict Negotiations

Social Literacy

Global Literacy

Shared Leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Transnational Networking

Virtual Team Leadership

Global Business Sales & Marketing

Multimillion-Dollar Global Project Management

Offshore Development

Emerging Markets


Not only is it important that words similar to the ones above be woven into your resume, but that you provide achievements or examples to support these core competencies.

The world is getting smaller every day and the business world is leading the way in that globalization. Make sure your resume exudes that you are ready to become tomorrow’s leader.


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