Executive Job Search Strategies

Are You An Executive Considering Moonlighting As A Ghostwriter?

I work with brilliant executives, helping them shape careers with transformational executive resumes, executive bios, and other career marketing tools. What’s surprising is that many of these fantastic leaders harbor hidden passions to explore another line of work, even if they are considering it on a ‘moonlighting’ basis.  One of the most common ‘another-life’ gigs […]

Team Building
Executive Job Search Strategies

The Secret to Building High-Performing Teams

This post originally appears at 3D Tek, Inc. is a boutique Executive Search Firm that was founded in 1997 to help clients find and acquire High Performing Teams. The Secret to Building Hire High-Performing Teams Regardless of corporate size, organizations struggle with one common problem: difficulty finding, attracting and onboarding high performers. Their current approach […]

Networking for introverts
Executive Job Search Strategies

Networking Advice For The Introvert

YOUR NETWORK DETERMINES YOUR NET WORTH  If your objective is to find a job, discover professional opportunities, move forward in your profession, or build a strong roster of associates—networking is the most appropriate strategy you should consider. By definition, networking is the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional […]

Work-life Balance is Critical To Career Success
Executive Job Search Strategies

Work-Life Balance: Is Stress Impeding Your Career Success?

Life outside of the office is just as, if not more, important as the demands of one’s occupational profession. With so many levels of commitment—as a parent, student, employee, and other collective responsibilities—self-care and self-management is an essential (and often neglected) part of those day-to-day obligations. You see, to excel at work, taking time for […]

Video Resumes For Executives
Executive Job Search Strategies

How To Create Your First Executive Profile Video

Video profiles (video resumes) are becoming a highly influential personal branding tool. With hundreds of executives vying for the same career opportunity, give yourself an edge by producing your first video resume and producing it the right way. A few years back, recruiters and hiring managers were a bit more apprehensive about video profiles/resumes. While […]