Favorite 2010 Career Posts and Tweets

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As we close this year of 2010, I wanted to bring you, the leading careerist of 2011, some of best that I have come across via my involvement in social media and career-related networking.

There were too many great articles, tweets, and blog post to list here, and I am sure that I have missed some. So, I need your help. If you are a career professional and believe your favorite tweet, blog post, or article can help others, please feel free to include it in your post comment.

Job seekers/careerist if you have found information that you believe is helpful to others, please post it as well. Here are a few Favorite from some of my closest Twitter and FB (Facebook) colleagues who contribute their wisdom every day to help you have a successful job hunt.

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Blog Posts:

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

What Would Hemingway Do? | Career Trend http://goo.gl/vXMj3  by @valueintowords


Dawn Bugni
There is no such thing as “Just” http://bit.ly/fRmeEh
  by @DawnBugni


August Cohen

Resolution for the new year
http://goo.gl/CUKTs  by @resume_writer  

Kris Plantrich
ResumeWonders’ Blog » Networking and My Gardens http://goo.gl/17LiS  by @KrisPlantrich

Cindy Kraft
CPA CFO vs. Non-CPA CFO | CFO Coach http://goo.gl/ZhJUl  by @CFOCoach

Gayle Howard

When advice can be too much: The Great #Resume Truth http://bit.ly/bJ5lpU by @GayleHoward

Ilona Vanderwoude
Are You a “Jack-of-all-trades, Master of none?” by @
CareerBranches http://goo.gl/xloxy


Erin Kennedy
What do the Olympics have to do with your
JOBSEARCH? http://bit.ly/aJpO4j by @ErinKennedyCPRW


Phyllis Mufson
The Boomer #JobSearch Advantage http://bit.ly/6u69hX by @phyllismufson via @JobHuntOrg


Tim Tyrell-Smith
10 Ways To Penetrate Your Target Companies http://t.co/y7lDqmg by @TimsStrategy

Miriam Salpeter
5 ways to market your skills across industries when no one is hiring by @
Keppie_Careers http://goo.gl/oj1mj


Harry Urschel
The job application process… and how to break through!
http://goo.gl/4RWqR by @eExecutives


Career Sherpa
RT @careersherpa: Interviewing is an exchange of information!


Susan Ireland
Susan Ireland’s Job Lounge: What Makes an Executive Resume Different From Professional Resumes? http://bit.ly/9wLSm0

Julie Walraven
8+ tips to improve your online applications  http://bit.ly/dsRoXQ by @juliewalraven:


Favorite Tweets

Susan Whitcomb
RT @SusanWhitcomb #JobSearch Tip: When using an online assessment, pay close attention to areas with low scores as well as high scores.

Darryl Dioso
RT @
DarrylRMSG Sometimes it’s best not 2 use acronyms: Letter rec’vd: “Cold call & introduce clients to SH IT solutions”.

PRT @DarrylRMSG Proof ur #resume and proof again. Today’s unfortunate error – “Resume for the perfect candidate”

Daisy Wright
Don’t Quit: The more No’s you get the closer you are to Yes! Hang in there and never give up. RT @

RT @CareerTips2Go Your #resume is a fluid document…it must constantly be adapted to fit the job requirements. Another #fave2010

mypromotion #jobseekers: DEFINE what u need to be successful in your #jobsearch, then ask yourself “who do I know” who can help?

RT @mypromotion You are an awesome employee / manager / entrepreneur, right? Besides you, who else knows about this? #FAVE2010

Martin Buckland
RT @MartinBuckland: Don’t embellish in a resume, just make yourself look super sexy!

Jackie Yun
RT @JackieYunTweets: #Focus RT @WalkingWil Do u have too many things going on in ur life to pay much attention to any one of them?

RT @JackieYunTweets: RT @joannapaterson: Making Time to Be Conscious of Treasure http://fb.me/DlpLHMuw

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