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Digitize Your Executive Personal Branding

Taking control of what executive recruiters and hiring authorities find when they search for your name online isn’t just smart — but critical in today’s digital and global job search landscape. In short, it gives executives the power to draw in the best opportunity – sort of a moth to a flame. Finding the proper career move doesn’t have to be you looking for a needle within a haystack. Instead, you’ll use an Executive Branding campaign to induce the most effective companies knocking on your door, excited and prepared to supply you the work.

As analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence evolve, it will become ever more imperative that your online executive brand is robust and expansive– beyond setting up your social profile on popular social media portals such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

As an executive, your personal brand is critical to your company’s digital equity and so not only is being on social media going to keep your brand relevant, but your online activity across business forums and the surfing trail you leave behind (YouTube, purchases, reading subscriptions) will play a role in helping define your online DNA.

This means you must be intentional in not only establishing your online persona, but steering and energizing your brand’s digital footprint with your own personal website, thought leadership posts, LinkedIn articles, and press releases to share your/company’s milestones. You must guide your brand’s online traction and become the proactive architect of your digital story.


Level UP Your Online Personal Branding Campaign

One of the steps you must take today is to purchase your name as a domain and begin to develop your personal branding website as soon as possible.


Beyond controlling search results, you will position yourself as an expert. As a top-tier executive, you are also in your line of work to be perceived as an authority in your industry — the guy or gal they MUST call to get results. Building a website not only hands you the ‘wheel’ to your own online brand, but it will ascend your leadership reputation to the next level, especially if you take up blogging. It is also a great career management tool.


  1. Buy your domain name. Make sure you get the .org and .net extensions, too.
  2. Choose a web hosting company that offers support and competitive pricing with decent bandwidth allocated to your site.
  3. Hire a web developer to design a search engine and mobile-friendly website.
  4. Partner with a content writer who specializes in blending career marketing with SEO (search engine optimization) tactics.
  5. Solicit a career coach to help ensure your content development and web design is on-brand; and that it appeals to hiring authorities in your target industry.

What other tools or strategies are you using to dial up your personal brand?

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