Creative Marketing for Business, Personal, or Career Needs


If your career or business marketing plans are a bit more revolutionary, evolutionary, and innovative, requiring creativity and ingenuity outside of the ‘traditional’ resume or career marketing tools, please consult us. If you are unsure of which career marketing tools you will need to promote an unusual career track — we can guide you!

As marketing and branding professionals, our job is to differentiate you by offering your target audience (employers, investors, clients, etc.) a unique value proposition and by dynamically packaging your brand value.



– A one-page, visually dynamic resume or flyer for networking purposes.

– Creative resume for brand management executives requiring a suite of branding aids (logo, charts, graphs, and more).

– International CVs needing modernization to branded resumes.

– Infographic resumes.

– Mobile resumes.

– Website resume or websites (personal site:

– Entrepreneur bios or resume (for employment and/or clients).



– Personal or company logo (2D and 3D).

– 3D animation/modeling.

– Website development (personal/career or for your consulting start-up).

– Copywriting for your website or other marketing materials.

– Consulting/small biz brochure.

– Personal branding consultations (articulating or packaging).

– Social media marketing (Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Pages, Google +).

– Copy for business cards.

– Introduction letters (targeting specific corporations).

– Email marketing.

– Blog setup.

– Social media marketing.


Share your needs and ideas with us! We have helped our clients achieve their career dreams; whether it has been leaping into C-level positions, capturing CEO roles in their ideal company and market, launching a successful online consulting company, or packaging the value of serial entrepreneurship into a resume or bio that promotes value to an employer.

Note: These projects are custom quoted, depending on project complexity is usually between 2 to 4 weeks. For branded resume only or resume packages please visit the other pages on this website.




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