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When you need a dynamic resume that will set you apart– brand yourself with our executive resume branding services


Our highly experienced, talented, trustworthy, and successful quadruple certified Master Resume Writer will equip you with a branded resume that truly exudes your level of expertise and global leadership, elevating your resume notches above the rest!

Through our dual process (Career Assessment and consultative 60-to 90-minute ‘gem-mining’ phone interview process), we will brand you as the must call candidate! We will write a persuasive, story-driven, and action-provoking executive resume that surpasses the ordinary resumes of the past. Yours will be a resume that shapes an image and tells a magnetic career tale that confidently guarantees results for your future employer.


You’re a miracle worker; I can’t believe I found you.  Here are my edits for the first draft. I also had a few thoughts of bragging. You created a monster.” ~ A. S. CIO


In addition to resume development, we offer you three branding packages (investment ranging from $1355 through $3955). Please choose below or read more about our branding solution here. Once you place your order, we will follow-up with you by e-mail within 24 hours with next steps. This e-mail will outline our dual process which includes completing our proprietary Career Branding Assessment (preliminary questions) and scheduling a 60-minute Resume Branding & Strategy telephone session with a Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC credential approved by the International Coach Federation).

We provide evening hours and weekend appointments to accommodate your schedule and facilitate collaboration across time zones and geographical locations.

Please note that our complete turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks. You can begin on your side of the process right away. Every attempt will be made to speed delivery without sacrificing quality and impact. We take the appropriate amount of time to ensure your resume is a success, requiring a great deal of personal attention and creativity. If you have a deadline you wish to meet, please contact us first to confirm we can assist you by a particular date. Email


Executive Resume Writing Services & Quote


*If you need help choosing or don’t fall into one of these categories, please email us at for a customized quote. You may also wish to review our resume writing packages that award you savings


MANAGERS: First and Mid-Level Managers, Operations Managers, Sales Managers, Senior Managers, General Manager, Branch Manager, and other leaders in non-executive positions.

Resume $1295


CORPORATE EXECUTIVES, ESTABLISHED EXECUTIVES, AND BOARD MEMBERS: Presidents, CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CITOs, CMOs, CKOs, CLOs, CSOs, CISOs, CHROs, CROs, CFOs, CUOs, CPOs, Legal/General Counsel (All CxO) in addition to Executive Vice Presidents, Executive Director, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Global Business Developers, International General Managers.

Resume $1695


Resume Only Order Includes:

  • Proprietary Career Assessment
  • 45-60-minute Phone Consultation
  • Unlimited email communications
  • Resume in three formats: MS Word presentation, PDF, ASCII




Our Most Popular Executive Branding Packages 

CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, CCOs, CKOs, CSOs, CISOs, CHROs, CXOs, CROs, CDOs, CPOs, (CxO level); Senior Executives, Directors, VP, SVP, etc. If you need guidance, email us.

Please Review Packages with an embedded savings: Executive Resume, Cover Letters, Executive Biographies, LinkedIn Development, Distribution to Recruiters and More








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We will guide you in updating and modernizing your resume and positioning it competitively in today’s job search market. You might be a very active writer and prefer to do it yourself– but would like the advice of a resume writing expert to bring your resume up to par for a new, higher-paying position.




This service is a good choice for you if…

1. You have strong writing skills, but need the guidance of a resume writing expert to make marketing improvements to an existing resume.

2. Need to spruce up your resume rather soon (our typical turnaround time on complete rewrites is 2 to 3-weeks).

3. You might have already invested in resume development before and now need to update your resume. Most resume writers do not update the work of other writers. We recommend you return to your original writer. However, sometimes that is not possible. Through this service, you will update your resume with our support and partnership. 



  • Place your order.
  • Email us your current resume for analysis and share your job target (title and industry): Please write “Resume Writing Coaching” in the subject line.
  • We will contact you within 24 hours with next steps. Turnaround time varies from 5 to 10 business days depending on our availability. We reserve the right to cancel your order if your resume is in very poor shape. If this happens, you can upgrade or we will provide you with a full refund.



Step 1. Critique of your resume: We will review your resume in-depth, make notations, offer comprehensive suggestions in writing, and send you written instructions, examples, and questions as needed.

Step 2. Phone Consultation: You can set up a telephone consultation for 60 minutes. This call can be conducted before you begin to carry out our edit suggestions or after you have implemented the suggested changes. You decide which method is best for you. Typically clients will speak to us before they make the edits we recommend.

Step 3.  Final review: Once you have implemented all your changes and taken advantage of your phone consultation, email us your polished resume. We will give it one final review and proofread, fix the layout, give it a polished look, and provide you with any final suggestions if necessary.

Important: We do not write. We may perform some light editing and will correct typos, but we do not brand, prioritize information, or design (no logos, charts, or writing), which is part of our resume writing strategy with complete rewrites. 

Included: 1. resume analysis; 1. comprehensive critique; 1. 60-minute call; 1 final review and layout fix (No logos, charts, or writing).

If questions, please email us!



For Resume Branding Packages (Resume, LinkedIn, Bios) click here




Cover Letter. $395. to $450. Cover letters work when they have been developed strategically as a value-add document and not a repeat of your resume. Excellent tool during the vetting process. 

Biography Set. $775. Two versions. 1: One full-page (on average 500 to 600 words) corporate bio and 2. More concise (100 to 150 words) bio for Public Relations purposes (magazines articles or other publications). Prices vary depending on your career level and choice of traditional bio or visual bio (bio with charts and other visual aids to illustrate success through the use of visual marketing).

LinkedIn. $450 to $595. New friendlier summary and not a copy and paste version of your resume.

Custom Thank You letter. $150. Leverage this marketing tool to reinforce your candidacy or gain better footing.

Networking Resumes. $485. One page version of your branded resume (add-on service only).

Case Studies/Project Chronicle. $575. Deeper and broader view through CAR stories (Challenge, Action, Results) of your most complex business endeavors to accompany resume or leverage during the second interview.

Networking Cards. $250. On-brand business card with your value proposition and networking pitch along with quick highlights. Front and back. * printing must be performed on your own or we can order for you with one of our vendors.

Personal Branding Logo. $300. Articulate your brand, network pitch, and value proposition

Distribution to Recruiters and Online Job Boards. $395.

Personal Blog/Website Development. $650. + Custom quoted based on project complexity.

Social Media & Social Networking Strategy. $150./hour.

Get Focused” Coaching Session (60 minutes Pre-Resume): $150.00

  • Discuss possible career paths and pin-down a clear job target for resume development.

“Ace the Interview” Coaching Session (60 minutes Post-Resume): $150.00

  • Choice of a mock interview (role-play), or coaching through formulating meaningful responses.

“Sell your Personal Brand” Coaching Session (60 minutes Post Resume): $150.00

  • Understand and articulate your unique value proposition as presented in your career marketing documents.


Interested in several career marketing components? If so, please review our executive packages here. If you need help or would prefer a package with additional services listed above,  please complete the form below, share your career path and current marketing challenges. We will provide you with a customized quote.

You can also call us at 321-704-7209 or email:

* Please note: We book weeks in advance so let us know what your turnaround needs are.


Why Our Executive Resume Writing Service Works


Resume crafting distinction: WE ARE NOT A RESUME MILL! You work directly with the expert, award-winning multi-certified resume writer! Beyond Personalized, Customized, and Friendly service, our executive resume writing service offers the following:

√ Empowering process: You can count on us to take the necessary time to research hiring trends in your market and scrutinize your documents (i.e., old resume, letters of recommendation, online profiles, target job ads) to ensure we have uncovered EVERYTHING. Often, our clients say the process itself has empowered them to ace the interview and given them a much-needed recharge of confidence.

Visual marketing: Branded, interview-winning conservative resumes or modern with an elegant mix of color, graphics, logos, tables, charts and more. Our branded resumes and cover letters are tastefully designed and harmonized to provide you with a unique and modern resume that outdistances other professionally written resumes — making an unforgettable and immediate impact. Visual marketing with sophistication is crucial!

All designs are original, created based on your target industry, and your personal brand. Great design is imperative because you have less than 30 seconds to capture attention and win your resume the reading time it needs so you deliver your message (that you deserve an interview). If you prefer a more traditional black and white resume–no problem! Black and white resumes do not have to be mundane to convey professionalism. Presentation really does persuade.

Concise and powerful, getting to the point quickly and making it easy for Hiring Managers to read through and identify your UVP (unique value proposition). The quality of a resume is not quantity based. Less is often more. Superfluous writing can, at first, seem striking but upon closer study, there is no value. Every writer can write long-winded paragraphs but only a talented executive resume writer can write concisely, strategically positioning and prioritizing skills, achievements, and qualifications; distilling, sharpening, combining, and distilling again to make every word count.

Atypical, substantiated, and compelling writing, persuading your new employer through the use of language that is unusual in resume writing to perk them up in their seats and hold their interest. It can get quite mundane for them to read how detail-oriented and goal-driven every job seeker is!

Complete service: We take you from initial consult to resume strategy session (to identify the weaknesses we need to overcome and the strengths we need to highlight); to job search plan development with the following service…Resume & Cover Letter Writing, Job Search Consulting, Interview Coaching, Online Branding (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Profile), SEO Consulting, Web Resume / Portfolios, Bios, and Career Management.

Experience with global clientele: We have partnered with powerhouse executives from Fortune 500 and 100 corporations, across the USA (New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, etc..) and worldwide (North, Central, and South America, Europe, Central and Far East Asia). This will bring an added competitive and global perspective to the development of your career marketing dossiers.



 Thank you for considering our executive resume writing service,