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Award-winning executive resume service and personal branding services for global leaders in a borderless and digital world. We help you market your exclusive career story, guaranteeing ROI for your future employer.


Executive Resume Writing Service by a Certified Executive Resume Writer (CMRW) and Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC)

 executive resume writer

Our Executive Resume Writing Service Empowers Global Leaders to Win Career-Propelling Interviews
with Top Corporations and Executive Search Firms, such as Spencer Stuart and Korn/Ferry International


Partner with Our Executive Resume Writer and Executive Career Coach Today


What differentiates Career Steering’s Executive Resume Service & Job Search Coaching? What is a certified executive resume writer?

We will answer that question with another question: WHY YOU? In a pile of hundreds of executive resumes, all from qualified leaders, WHY WOULD AN EMPLOYER CHOOSE YOU?

You must go beyond qualifications in your executive job search and promote a memorable and competition-outdistancing executive candidacy! Our EXPERT resume writer and career coach will market you beyond qualifications, and coach you in launching a winning job search campaign. She will interview you and partner with you in identifying your distinction, translating it into a meaningful branding message that nets you that competitive edge you need in today’s global and digital job-search market.

Interviewing you and guiding you is ONE of the benefits that differentiates our executive resume writing services. The rest of our distinction is in the incisive manner we excavate and weave your executive brand into a resume and online presence that is as visually magnetic as it is content compelling.

Beyond certifications, awards, and success stories, our resume writer offer you triple-threat distinction, current subject matter expertise, and genuine commitment to your career success!  You can count on us to paint a picture of your full potential and carve a path toward job search success through the following:

1. Persuasive content writing with a focus on differentiating you and offering tangible ROI to your future employer.executive resume service

2. Value-driven visual marketing that ensures you soar above your competition. Resume presentation does matter!

3. Positioning strategy. Key! Upon review of your executive resume, within seconds, they will determine if they are interested in learning more about your leadership qualifications.

Our Chief Executive Writer and Certified Career Management Coach will strategize beyond a traditional resume. She creates next-level career opportunities with a strategic marketing dossier that helps you navigate the modern and cross-continental job search landscape.

Our career marketing firm empowers you from job hunting, through networking, to interviewing and negotiating a six-figure-plus salary. We have positioned executives and senior-level leaders for coveted positions at Fortune 50/100/500 corporations. Whatever your ‘next-level’ move, our executive resume writer and career coaching service will work for you!

“I must say, I have received much positive feedback on the resume you put together. I want you to know that just yesterday, a recruiter for a rather large commercial real estate investment company told me it was the best he had ever seen.

Rosa, you have a true gift!” ~ James Snyder, President & CEO


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Our Resume Writing and Career Services Will Help You Succeed with MASTERFULLY Created Tools and CURRENT Strategies that Win the BEST JOB OFFERS 


“You have my word that I am committed to your success and moving you forward in your career.” ~ Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, Certified Master Resume Writer

You are in the care of a knowledgeable, passionate, and an interview-winning Resume Branding Specialist, Job Search Strategist, Insightful Columnist, Empowering Career Coach, and TORI (Toast of the Resume Writing Industry) Award Winner.

  • Rosa Elizabeth Vargas is a uniquely credentialed, multi-certified and award-winning professional resume writing expert with four of the career industry’s top resume writing certifications.
  • More than 15 years of experience, which includes a corporate background interlacing achievements as a Hiring Manager and in HR.
  • Job search and Career Management Coach, branding clients so they reach their career goals.
  • Complete suite of career services: Branded Executive Resume, Cover Letters, Bios, LinkedIn Optimization, Value Propositions, Personal Logos, Interview Coaching, Social Media Training, Personal Websites, Networking Cards, Resume Distribution service to top recruiting firms and so much more.

Begin online today with Career Steering’s Resume Services and secure our partnership; propel your executive career with our most popular professional resume service packages.



Sophisticated Executive Resume Branding Service by a Certified Master Resume Writer and Career Management Coach–Premier, High-Value Resume Writing That Works


If you are the kind of leader who has the courage to stand apart from the job search mob and are ready to join an enterprising corporation, then partner with this top, award-winning executive resume writing firm. We have top industry recognition and true client success stories as evidence of our ability to DELIVER the job search RESULTS you seek!

Anyone can write a lackluster resume, but only an exceptional resume development firm will provide you with a strategic, meaningful resume that demands attention. In a pile of hundreds of ‘seasoned executives,’ YOUR resume will stand out, which equates to QUALITY interviews.

What is your career story? Why should they hire you? Does the wealth of your experience make you a desirable leader? Are you a leader with experience in  mergers & acquisitions? Global team building and revenue growth in a tight economy? Turnaround decision-maker against market opposition? If so, tell THAT story, and you have earned that interview.

We are experts uncovering your distinction as the must-call candidate. We have empowered hundreds of executive clients from across the globe break into new industries, move up the ranks, and expatriate to work for startups within giant company umbrellas.

After an in-depth, gem-mining Resume Branding & Strategy session, our expert will empower you with a new branded resume. This new branded resume will define your signature and distinction, accentuating your unique executive value proposition (UVP) and promising ROI through a career tale.

We will guide you through the modern executive career marketing cycle. Partner with us from resume branding through job search coaching, to clearly articulate your leadership qualities by way of an enticing and succinct career tale–securing interviews with the right employer.  Your candidacy will whet the interest of potential employers and win the interviews you desire.

Our master resume writer has solved self-marketing challenges for powerhouse international Executives, Directors, Senior Managers and other leaders from small and mid-size to Fortune 500 and 100 Corporations. Steer your career now with our executive writer. She will make the process seamless. Our resume development and LinkedIn optimization works.

The key to our success stems from our meaningful consultations, careful craftsmanship, and intimate collaboration with our clients in shaping all final career marketing dossiers and digital identities.

Dare to be different. Relish in the benefits of a well-defined brand that shouts ROI. Don’t attempt to mount a precarious job search on your own. You will blow by your competition and unearth coveted career-propelling interviews with a fantastic leadership resume.

Executive Resume Service package components:

  • Resume, strategic cover letters, thank you letters, networking/leadership strategies, and bios.
  • Personal blogs, social media profiles, and/or complete personal website development.
  • Insightful interview coaching, empowering you to deliver authentic and skillful communications.
  • Guidance in restating your relevant achievements from the irresistible employer’s eye-view. Steer your career with laser-like intent.
  • Distribution to executive recruiters from top recruiting firms, including Korn Ferry International, Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles International and more: 26,000 executive recruiters within 15,000 firms.

Why Our Executive Resume Service?


Our unique distinction is in being able to translate your career history into a meaningful, value-add brand story that is represented both visually and through the written word. Your personal brand is your reputation (i.e., your distinguishing statement/image) which supports a UVP (Unique Value Proposition). These two aspects are core pieces of your self-packaging and marketing angle– positioning you to triumph over your toughest competitors by drawing employers in through the entire candidate vetting process.


Your resume will win you interviews to top-paying jobs while concurrently empowering you to “own” and articulate your distinction during an interview. Our service has won industry-recognized awards among the Best Resume Writers.

You walk away empowered with confidence due to our unique writing process with:

  • A unique and inspiring branded resume (PDF version, MS Word, Plain Text, and a Recruiter version).
  • Brand reinforcement with a cover letter that has a woven message.
  • Your branding statement on LinkedIn with a unique value proposition for off and online identity.
  • A clearly defined networking pitch that you will be able to articulate during an interview.

We are a premium resume service and job search coaching service, consistently writing content-enthralling and compelling brand-promoting tools for leaders. Our executive resume service is considered one of the best in the industry; our Chief Resume Strategist has served on Resume Certification Boards. She is regarded as an expert in the career and executive resume writing industry and has written numerous resume writing and career articles for reputable websites.

We leverage a suite of traditional and avant-garde, social media, networking and career marketing mediums to distinguish you from the ever-increasing crowd of senior-level and c-level job seekers vying for the same c-suite job opportunities.


Global Executive Resume Services, branding resumes for leaders and executives for more than 15 years!


What is Executive Resume Branding and Why Partner with Our Executive Resume Writer


Rates for professional resume writing packages range between $1200 to $4000, depending on components. Learn more about our executive resume writing service here. To receive a custom quote, complete the form below:

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