Senior Vice President | Global Sales Technology

We write conservative, modern, and creative resumes. This particular client requested a more creative presentation to project a global executive reaching new heights in an expanding Asia market. He wanted to emphasize his cultural sensitivity and visionary approach to business development, sales generations, and marketing within the growing technology space. We also created customized graphics made in Photoshop to give the client more design appeal.

Tagline keywords: Visionary, creative, resilient

Achievement statement: Propelled TheSaidCompany into the #1 supplier in Asia and North America via global business development, B2B, B2C sales, and marketing in the technology space

Color: The client wanted something modern but also wanted to keep things safe. We chose the color blue which is widely used in executive and corporate industries.

Logo: We wanted to showcase the clients global reach and fortune 50 status.

Bar Graph: A simple bar graph was used to illustrate the clients revenue growth and business expansion into 47 countries.

Career Milestones: Created new market segments, piloted joint company ventures, participated in program development

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