Chief Financial Officer

We write conservative, modern, and creative resumes. This particular client requested a conservative resume with colors to enhance his presentation. He wanted to project a finance executive bridging the gap between business objectives and financial planning.

Tagline keywords: Financial planning and analysis (FP&A), business objectives and intelligence (BI)

Branding statement: Bridging the gap between finance and operations as a high-energy driving force

Unique value proposition: Finance operations integrator and strategic business partner, driving data-driven change focused through the lens of a big-picture business perspective built on diverse experience

Color: The client wanted to add some flare to the conservative format. We chose to use 3 shades of blue to emphasize specific elements within the resume

Logo: The arrows moving in a circle indicate progressive motion, driving-force

Emphasis: A customized chart developed in Photoshop illustrating the key words business intelligence, operations, finance

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