Executive Resume Writing

Spruce Up Your Resume in 60 Minutes or Less

How would you feel if you had a nicely polished resume that projects and elevates your level of professionalism? More confident? I bet!
Crafting a dynamic resume that is also a great selling tool takes more than 30 minutes. Yet, with the following quick and easy visual and marketing ‘style over’ tips, you Will begin to distinguish yourself from the job search mob.

Executive Resume Writing

The Resume’s Evolution: It’s Not Dying, It’s Evolving!

Nowadays you must craft the advertising of your qualifications as if you were your own company! Smart companies shift tactics based on market opportunities and needs! Are you adjusting your efforts to position yourself as the ideal careerist in today’s ever-evolving job-search market? Dare to re-shape and revolutionize your job-search campaign, beginning with a daring new resume that […]

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From The Ashes of VisualCV.com Grows Your Domain

What the closure of a site like VisualCV.com teaches us is that you MUST be at the helm of your digital brand’s development, navigation, and web hosting! Have you heard? VisualCV.com will cease operations on 12/30/2011! This serves to reinforce what I have been advocating–you need to own your domain ASAP.com! Everyone, especially careerist with defined […]