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Job Seeker, Are You Crazy? American Idol Encourages It!

Next time your job search coach/resume writer advises you go a little ‘crazy’ and, well, let’s see… trash your old, boring, safe, and mundane resume—listen to them. If they ask you to have a little trust in their expertise…you know what you must do? You get out of your comfort zone—and, yes—listen to them.

Expert Tips On Executive Resume Branding Strategies

Worst Resume Mistakes: Career Experts Share Resume Bloopers and More…

You invest hours researching how to craft a dynamic resume, you slave over a few drafts, you attach your final polished draft to a well-written email and you click that button with the cute little envelope icon…Whatchamacallit? Oh. Yes. The Send button. You feel good. You’re hopeful. You can’t wait ’till you hear back because you just know your resume is impressive. Wait a minute… what’s that!? It’s…a MISTAKE on your resume! Well, maybe they won’t notice (you think?).
These guys noticed. Read the following bloopers, advice, pet-peeves, and humorous stories told by professional resume writers and career coaches. The experts share some of the worst mistakes and costly negligence they have seen on resumes (a bit beyond typos). Hopefully, they will save you from the same doom that almost befell their clients.

Expert Tips On Executive Resume Branding Strategies

Dancing With Words and Ideas Leads to Masterful Resumes

To you job seeker, if you are trying to go at it alone, I hope you rethink this plan; because if a blank document on your screen with the vertical line blinking doesn’t get you excited, the end result won’t induce a better emotion from your employer. Leave it up to us “geeks” who love to write, dance with words and ideas, and will passionately communicate your differentiating value, which will win you the interview you dream of. Then, it is your turn to dance.