LinkedinLet’s get right into it. Shall we?


#1 – No picture.

Profiles with no pictures are ignored [because they are boring]. Please place a picture on LinkedIn. Stop procrastinating, get a nice headshot, Photoshop it just a bit if you must, but get one pronto! Contrary to what others will say regarding attire, I am advising you go with something other than the ‘mundane’ black business suit. A warmer earthy tone will help your profile pop in the sea of black attire.

If you don’t have time to attend a professional photoshoot and have decided to take your own picture then please be very attentive. Choose a picture that zooms in on your attractive face, smile, polish your look, choose a clean and well-lit background, and please make sure you are the only person in the picture (no family members, no one else in the background and definitely no pets.)


#2 –No tagline in the “Headline” section.

Most LinkedIn users will list their most recent job title in this area since this is what populates by default. This is a huge mistake as the Headline section not only is a great keyword section, helping you gain better traction on LinkedIn and Google, but because this is excellent real estate (ROI). Use this Headline section to make a strong impression and offer value to your network.

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