wineAs wine ages, it becomes more sophisticated and desirable. As an executive, yes, experience is on your side. However, that does not mean that aging your resume makes you more attractive to hiring managers.

Despite how mature and ‘seasoned’ you are, the truth is, leading-edge and industry-dominant companies seek fresh, strategic thinkers at the helm of their corporations and face-to-face with their top clients. Yes, perhaps you are exactly that type of hybrid executive who offers extensive experience and a creative, youthful perspective. Does your executive resume reflect this duality? Or as years have passed, you’ve packed on the skills and accolades, yet you have neglected to take care of your own personal marketing needs, resulting in a resume that looks more like it belongs in circa 1999?

Steps To Pull Your Executive Resume Out of the Cellar and Dusted Off

The following are 5  resume writing strategies that will help you revive your resume while you still reap the rewards of your more sophisticated senior-level leadership.

1. Presentation really does matter. Just like a custom-made business suit commands a certain level of attention and regard, so does a nicely polished resume that is tailored to your unique career story and exudes your ROI-promising brand.  Incorporating a hint of color, more white space, fewer bullets, and even a logo that reinforces your personal brand will help you exude a distinct, innovative, and fresh-perspective leadership.

Executive2. Resume branding works. Branding your resume doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice elegance for gimmicks. It means that your resume must be marked with a clearly defined signature that is conveyed visually and through the content of your resume. Packaging yourself as a brand will not only trim some gray off your resume, but, it will better position you in the job-search market as a highly sought-after leader!

3. Job descriptions are dead. [Sniffs.] Allow me to bring you up to speed. Back in the olden days, it was expected that a job description be part of the resume. Nowadays the job description has been replaced by the job legacy (i.e., impact you’ve made as a game changer).

4. Strategy is really the game.  A chronological resume is what every job seeker use to draft. Shifts in our economy, slashes in labor, and transformations to virtual environments have mandated that many job seekers make numerous moves in employment: hold lateral positions or accept short-term assignments/projects. Many executives have even opened side businesses or travelled across the globe to head new start-ups without a change in job title. So, a chronological resume format can potentially be a deathtrap for your marketing needs. You need something more fluid and nimble; re-position your experience based on relevance, impact, and influence. A hybrid resume is the solution, allowing you to leverage your steady career history while you accentuate non-traditional projects and milestones.

5. Social media is still here.  That pesky social media that everyone thought was just a temporary craze is still alive and thriving.  Globalizing your personal brand online and then incorporating it into your marketing efforts offline will stamp your resume with modernization and position you ahead of your old-school competitors.

A toast to your self-branding efforts and future endeavors!

Here are more personal logos that will be sure to spark some great ideas for your branding needs.

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Executive Resume Writer



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