When something has been done too many times or when there are so many of the same…how do you emerge from the pack?

Regardless of how you feel about Michael Jackson, we all can agree that since his death there have been too many artist singing his songs, walking his moon walk, and just doing everything they can to impersonate him. To make a point of which I’m positive will help you in your job search, I’d like you enjoy and assess this:

What is so special about this? Is it that it’s the same person singing in concert? The creative video compositing? The harmonic medley of top singles? The fantastic voice? I would say yes to all of the above. More so, what makes this video stand out is that it’s memorable because it’s distinct; it captivates us because it is not a common approach to singing/performing Michael’s music.

Again, whether you love Michael or care nothing for him — the message is not about him but about how this young singer stood out in a voluminous online crowd by leveraging his creativity, delivering a unique presentation, and by going the extra mile to showcase his talent via an outdistancing video that has now branded him. Branded him so well that his video has been viewed over a million times! This video has been played on the popular television show, Entertainment Tonight. And, I am sure it has been played on other TV shows as well.

You know, this young singer could have just walked up to the mic, sang, and recorded a simple video–and it would have been lovely; but his video would have been soon forgotten and would have faded in the mob of YouTube videos.

Are you going the extra mile in the presentation of your qualifications? Will you step it up or are you willing to wither away in the job seeker mob?

Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Master Resume Writer

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3 Responses to Presentation, Branding, & Going The Extra Mile…

  1. alfred says:

    Great example!! I think this post is helpful for the people who want’s to have the effective ability to build a great resume.
    Thank you

  2. Sure, Alfred.
    While it is a bit off-topic it’s actually a great example of how taking a chance and breaking the norm, can pay!

  3. Erik says:

    THey took a chance but they did it in a way that is not only very creative, but that showcases their talents. It’s appropriate to break the norm on a resume, but it has to be in a way that helps showcase YOU.

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