Effective Web 2.0 Job Search

Social networking sites have dramatically changed the job search ‘game.’ LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and Online Career Sites can help you– from the your home–discover new opportunities and tap into the hidden job market.

The Resume : From The Employer’s-Eye View

Get this, your resume is not a job ad. You are not to list all the requirements to perform the job. (Employers already know what this entails). Your resume is a candidate promotional tool and you are to tell…what YOU did with the opportunities under the given job title—not that you DID actually fulfill the job title (that is the least expected of you).

Halloween Caution: Job Seeker Horror

Yes, this is Halloween and although it is much fun to dress up in spooky costumes —It is no time to become creepy and scare your job opportunities away! So, consider yourself cautioned and do everything you can not to transform into one of these frightful of job seekers….Muahahahahaha!