Best Executive Resume Writing and Job Search Advice

best executive job search advice

Top executive resume writing services share winning job search strategies to help you land your next six-figure senior executive position.

Kick your job search into gear with best executive job search tips for the new year.

With so much information online—how do you discern which advice you should follow?

I’ve selectively invited respected and long-tenured resume writing and career coaching colleagues to weigh in and provide best practices to help you launch a successful 2019 job search campaign.

First, here is my advice:

Intentionally Shape Your Online ‘Persona’

As analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence evolve, it will become ever more imperative that your online executive brand is robust and expansive– beyond setting up your social profile on popular social media portals such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

As an executive, your personal brand is critical to your company’s digital equity. So not only is being on social media going to keep your brand relevant, but your online activity across business forums and the surfing trail you leave behind (YouTube, purchases, reading subscriptions) will play a role in helping define your online DNA. Steer and energize your brand’s digital footprint with your own personal website, thought leadership posts, LinkedIn articles, and press releases to share your/company’s milestone and become the proactive architect of your digital story.

The following professional resume writers and career coaches are subject matter experts and highly regarded within the resume writing and coaching industry for their trending insights, trustworthy business practices, and record of success helping executives reach next-level results. Here is what they had to say. Listen closely because this advice is coming from top-tier experts. You’re welcome.

Whatever you do, launch the job search campaign. Plan it now and hit the ground running in 2019. Good luck!



Erin Kennedy, Exclusive Executive Resumes

Erin Kennedy_ Executive Resume WriterDon’t Ignore Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s easy to let your LinkedIn profile lag when you don’t need it. However, when you are in job search mode, it can be the difference between leading the next organization or not. Most hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn to find their next star. If your profile isn’t current, you’re hurting your chances of being discovered.

Even if you dread the thought of it, update your LinkedIn profile with your current story, or at least the last 10-15 years when you’ve had the most progression in your career. Don’t forget to create an interesting career summary as well. Just a little investment of time and effort on LinkedIn goes a long way.

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Jacqui-Barrett Poindexter, Career Trend

Jacqui_executive_resume-writerUse a Storytelling Arc to Energize Your Career Narrative

Everyone says that a resume should actually be written as a story, an idea with which I agree. But, what does that really mean? Simply put, your resume achievements should be composed in a way that articulates a beginning, a middle and an end, and includes a story climax, where the rising action starts to fall, requiring a solution or conclusion (pivotal moment).

The story arc should show how you (the candidate) were a crucial character in your company’s rag to riches story, for example. The company, and the departments therein, may experience several rise + fall story arcs throughout your tenure, and as such, your resume should present those mini-stories within the larger story.

The point is to draw the reader in, create the drama of the scenario (who, what, where, when, why, how) and ultimately sway the reader that you were influential, using both your hard + soft skills, to effectuate a financial climb (or rise) in the story arc, culminating in a better profitability + market share outcome than before you joined the executive team.

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Dawn Rasmussen, Pathfinder Careers

Dawn_executive_resume_writerDon’t Be Afraid to Take Classes and Include Them on Your Resume

Boards and employers are interested in seeing how executives are willing to keep learning. This is, after all, a test to see how you can innovate and carry this company forward.

So actively seek out professional development opportunities that are particularly thought-leadership oriented. Understanding where the industry or economy will potentially take the organization will be critical for the next executive. And you can demonstrate that progressive knowledge acquisition and cutting-edge understanding of opportunities and challenges to not only evolve the organization but also stand out among competitors.

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Marie Zimenoff, Resume Writing Academy

Use Research-Backed Design Elements

You’ve probMarie_executive_resume_writerably heard that recruiters spend about 6 seconds in the initial review of your resume. What you might not know is that you can increase the amount of content they consume in that short time with your formatting choices. Although aesthetics are an important consideration in resume design, there are strategies that research shows increase readability. These include using lines, borders, or shading to move the eye through the document; putting the most important content to the left of the page where readers will skim; and using white space to create chunks of content that make it easy for a reader to locate what they are looking for in your document.

Research also shows that the use of one color will increase a reader’s attraction to your document. Keep your design clean and professional, but don’t be afraid to use elements that improve readability and draw the reader to the critical information while creating a distinct look. Don’t buy into the myths that these formatting features harm your score in an applicant tracking system. Create a visually appealing, highly readable Word document using these elements and it will be fine in ATS, via email, or any other way you want to share it with your network and recruiters.

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