“Marketing is the art of meaningful differentiation.”

John Lederer

EXECUTIVE RESUME A career-altering executive resume requires more than just employment narrative—the new job-search market demands that your executive resume serves as a strategic roadmap, guiding you to the right market and steering interviews in your favor.

How can you convert your executive resume into a six-figure interview magnet? Allow me to help you mount a resume turnaround by first pivoting your resume-writing perspective.


DESTINY: Where is this resume taking you?

PURPOSE: Why do you want to go there?

TARGET: Who needs your services and why?

VALUE OFFER: What services do you offer and what problem(s) would be solved?

RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI): What is in it for them?

BRAND: What is unique about how you approach your job?

DISTINCTION: How are you unmatched as an expert in your field?

REINFORCE IT: How do you measure/quantify how good you really are?

An active executive resume connects the dots for your future employer and shows them what YOU have done with the job not HOW you have done your job.


Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Certified Master Resume Writer
Award-Winning Resume Writing Services

iStock_000005691481SmallWhat has cemented the doom of many job seekers, including executives, is their inability to wrap their minds around the idea of marketing themselves with a unique identity as if they were a product.

As a ‘product,’ you must clearly articulate your executive brand, unique value proposition (UVP), and promise a return on investment (ROI).

Yet, instead, most executives mount a precarious job search campaign with the intention of simply providing their qualifications and hoping their corporate job titles plus Fortune 100 and 500 employers’ reputation would suffice to net that coveted job interview.

To quote from a  LinkedIn message I received… “job searching is very much like marketing. You need to do a complete SWOT to know where you are.” Absolutely! You got it, partner!

Know This: Especially at the executive level it is a given that you must be qualified for the six-figure jobs you are pursuing. Don’t you think? But, why are you the best choice out of all the executives vying for the same career opportunity? How have you straddled between executive roles in our changing world and what does that mean for your future employer? What makes you so irresistible that employers should be vying to lasso you into their office for a face-to-face?

Your Ace In The Hole: You must seduce your new employer through strategic brand positioning, rigorous (but tactful) self-marketing —ABOVE that of your toughest competitor.

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Executive Resume Branding Is Your Brand All Wrong?

A careerist said to me, “I need your help. I need to REBRAND my resume.”  

I was expecting, “I need a resume like yesterday.” Perhaps, “What is resume branding?” But, an outright “rebrand?” Well, if I wasn’t already sitting…


Why a Rebrand?

You see, this careerist had developed a strong personal brand: earned a reputation as a ‘department savior.’ The problem? Most of the job offers he was attracting were coming from companies in need of an immediate and truly challenging rescue. It is a logical result. Don’t you think? So the branding strategy was working. The issue was that this careerist no longer wished to come in and organize chaos. Now, it wasn’t that this job seeker was not willing to “roll up his sleeves” and work hard. But that his most prominent qualifications, the brand that was exuding from resume shouted, “Give me your poorest, most chaotic department, with little or no employees, and non-existing resources—I like that!” The solution? A rebrand.

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Resume Branding Works!

On August 20, 2012, in Executive Resume, Executive Resume Writing & Branding, by Rosa Elizabeth, CMRW

Brand Your Resume with Distinction and Soar

79796-20120605Your personal brand is your image, reputation, and distinction. A branded resume is a dossier that is unmistakably marked with superiority and distinction from start to finish. 

When your personal brand is knitted into a cohesive message and woven throughout your resume, it summarizes your (UVP) unique value proposition and conveys differentiating qualifications– transforming your resume into a memorable, action-provoking marketing tool.

When you define your brand and package your resume well– not any one can fit that resume. It is a unique document, narrating your career story: how you have progressed through your career, faced, and overcame challenges. In this highly competitive job-search market, a personal brand is instrumental. It will empower you to outdistance those vying for the same career opportunities you desire.

Through resume branding your career accolades become more than a summation of your accountabilities. By branding your resume you are accentuating how you– and only you– can deliver results with the highest ROI. The branded resume showcases how you go about delivering the results employers seek and, perhaps, even promises results employers had no idea they could reap from employing the BEST person in that particular position. Continue reading »

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