The Resume : From The Employer’s-Eye View

On January 31, 2011, in Career Collective, Featured, by Rosa Elizabeth Vargas

Part of the Career Collective monthly posts series. Job-hunting “Rules” to Break and Outdated Job-Search Tactics. Please visit other blog posts, link provided at the end of this post.  

Old Habits Die Hard

Your resume is in pretty good shape. Isn’t it? You have been perusing professional samples online and you have been reading all the how to’s, when to’s, and don’ts. Well, then why no quality interview calls?

Despite unemployment rate still at 9.1% as of the end of 2010, there ARE opportunities out there. It is tougher, let’s face it, but why? Because your competition is talented and highly qualified. Therefore, you, my friend, have to step up your job-search game and dare to take control of your brand on paper (resume) by not playing it safe but standing out. 

What am I referring to? Applying the old Objective plus Career Chronology to your resume, which you learned in high school isn’t going to cut it anymore. It is now imperative that your resume pop and quickly capture attention. It is vital that it convey value over other candidates who are also extremely qualified. It is crucial that you tell a story about how you rescued the company, department, location, region, initiative, client base, and/or project. How? Survey your career from the employer’s-eye view and promote your exclusivity.Then, you will know how to best write a resume that implicitly tells an unmatched story that hogs the job search spot light. Continue reading »

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