“Marketing is the art of meaningful differentiation.”

John Lederer

EXECUTIVE RESUME A career-altering executive resume is not engineered by just narrating your employment history—but by way of persuasive storytelling and strategic road-mapping!

I realize you’ve probably heard this before and I bet you wondered how you can convert your executive resume into a six-figure, job-interview magnet. Well, there are several strategies but we don’t have time for a workshop right now;  therefore, allow me to help you mount a resume turnaround by first attempting to pivot your thinking. (That’s where it always begins!)

Answer the following questions and carefully weave those answers into your resume. Then reap the benefits of shifting from a passive and boring MS Word doc into a high-impact, influential marketing dossier that even you will enjoy reading over and over again!



DESTINY: Where is this resume taking you?

PURPOSE: Why do you want to go there?

TARGET: Who needs your services and why?

VALUE OFFER: What services do you offer and what problem(s) does it solve?

RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI): What is in it for them? Let me try again… What is your bottom-line promise?

BRAND: What is unique about how you approach your job?

DISTINCTION: Why are you good at it and how is it unmatched?

PROVE IT: How do you know you are really that good?

REINFORCE IT: How do you measure/quantify how good you really are?

Answering the preceding questions isn’t and shouldn’t be easy.  An active executive resume connects the dots for your future employer or customers. Establish yourself as a ‘wanted’ leader by not taking a laid-back approach in the writing of your career tale, because that only results in a very lifeless document. To influence and enhance the quality of interview invitations you attract, you must strategically and progressively draw in your audience by unraveling your meaningful ROI-driven story and enlightening them as to why they need YOU!


Rosa Elizabeth Vargas
Certified Master Resume Writer
Award-Winning Resume Writing Services

Who are you as a leader? What is at the core of your executive DNA?


The answer to this question is crucial because it will serve as a brand development compass. Don’t try to be anyone else or to ‘guestimate’ what employers might want to hear. Instead, let’s uncover the value your authentic brand delivers. Yes, ultimately we must tie your brand promise to what your target company needs. First, let’s focus on ‘commercializing’ who you truly are as an executive.

1 . Where are you heading?

The first question I pose to my executive clients is simply, “What is your career path?” If we know where you are heading, then we can dive into the Why and What is calling you there.

2. Why?

Why are you interested in this next-level career move? Why does it call you? How will it be more fulfilling than where you are now?

3. What?

What value does your experience offer in this new position and how is it unique?


Authentic Brand Exercise 

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