How To Safely Job Search On LinkedIn

On March 21, 2016, in Executive Coaching, Job Search, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, by Rosa Elizabeth, CMRW

linkedin-cracked-150x150Want to job search on LinkedIn without making people cringe or report you as a stalker? That’s a good idea.

By now you probably already know that LinkedIn has become a vital passageway to a new job. If you are like most job seekers, you have done very little beyond opening a LinkedIn account and populating the summary. Yes, a passive LinkedIn profile is better than no profile at all. However, you are the driver of your career, and that means you need to be in the driver’s seat with some gas in the tank!

Here are some techniques that will activate your job search on LinkedIn without making you seem, well, desperate or alert your current employer. Let’s start with low risk and work our way up. You choose, depending on your risk tolerance and employment status.


Low Risk: Brand yourself a ‘must-call’ candidate. Everyone wants what they can’t have. Right? That includes recruiters. 



Job-search oriented LinkedIn headline: Your headline is prime real estate. Use this opportunity to improve your search results with a great keyword and on-brand tagline. Headline examples:

  • Chief Information Officer – Delivering scalability for the next decade
  • Chief Nursing Officer – Quality healthcare through holistic leadership
  • Registered Nurse – Advocate and healthcare partner with a compassionate hand


Make sure your LinkedIn summary does the talking: Infuse your LinkedIn summary with keywords, too, and position some of your top achievements here versus under the experience section.


Populate the skills section and prioritize those competencies: You will begin to attract endorsements for these skills. Therefore, prioritizing them is key. Don’t place your strongest skills last; they will garner few (if any) endorsements. 


Complete your entire profile: The more complete your profile is, the better your visibility in search results.


Use the interest section to strengthen your keyword density: Sure, it is nice to include your hobbies in here and you should. However, including a few more work-related keywords/skills that will attract others in your industry to your profile will help fuel your job search traction.

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What is that old adage? A picture is worth a thousand words! That’s right. This is especially true now that job searching and networking is conducted almost exclusively through digital communication tools. You don’t have to be a bombshell, but you must be aware that online images have equal if not greater impact than words.  Therefore, your headshot must be on-brand, inviting, and relevant to your profession (targeting your market).

See the different impression and impact the following images have on you. Can you guess what they do for a living? One is a Life Coach, the other a Chief Financial Officer, and one is an Executive Chef (wink).



Please read our first post in this series, “Breakthrough Tips for a Sexy LinkedIn Profile.” We shared secrets that will spruce up your LinkedIn Headshot and Headline. Below you will find additional tips that will convert your LinkedIn profile into a connection magnet.



While LinkedIn’s profile is capped at 2,000 characters, you don’t have to use all the space and if you do it doesn’t all have to be occupied by words. Insert white space, bullets, and shorter sentences followed by longer sentences. This will give your LinkedIn profile some much-needed room, flow, and appeal. It will be easier on the eyes, pleasing, fun to read, and distinctive—like you!



Get focused and clear about your marketing message. Then unravel it slowly, piece by piece, from Headline through Summary to Recommendations:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do and why do you do it?
  3. What is unique about how you execute your job?
  4. Why should I care to connect with you or keep reading your profile?
  5. Are your recommendations reinforcing your brand message?

Stay focused. One subject at a time. Follow an order and slowly guide me toward the last section on your LinkedIn profile and tell me what I should do next… call you? Connect with you? Endorse one of your skills?



One of LinkedIn’s latest and niftiest features is the integration of videos, images, and presentations. This visual aid can help your profile come to life QUICKLY!

You can now upload multimedia that can help reinforce your brand and marketing message. This can be charts, logos, awards, testimonials, etc. Tap into your creativity and let the marketing juices flow. Be careful not to give away confidential information through your presentations.  Also, don’t give away all of your data –you must protect some of your achievements and presentation material for an in-person interview. Otherwise, you will be rehashing information and that’s not sexy at all.


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LinkedinLet’s get right into it. Shall we?


#1 – No picture.

Profiles with no pictures are ignored [because they are boring]. Please place a picture on LinkedIn. Stop procrastinating, get a nice headshot, Photoshop it just a bit if you must, but get one pronto! Contrary to what others will say regarding attire, I am advising you go with something other than the ‘mundane’ black business suit. A warmer earthy tone will help your profile pop in the sea of black attire.

If you don’t have time to attend a professional photoshoot and have decided to take your own picture then please be very attentive. Choose a picture that zooms in on your attractive face, smile, polish your look, choose a clean and well-lit background, and please make sure you are the only person in the picture (no family members, no one else in the background and definitely no pets.)


#2 –No tagline in the “Headline” section.

Most LinkedIn users will list their most recent job title in this area since this is what populates by default. This is a huge mistake as the Headline section not only is a great keyword section, helping you gain better traction on LinkedIn and Google, but because this is excellent real estate (ROI). Use this Headline section to make a strong impression and offer value to your network.

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It’s Yours: The 2013 Hidden Job Market

On January 21, 2013, in Executive Job Search Strategies, by Rosa Elizabeth, CMRW

imageThe “traditional” 2013 employment market will be much more challenging than you might anticipate. Many companies are doing more with less. They can afford to be highly selective because they always receive a large number of qualified applicants for one job vacancy. So what can you do to increase your chances of attaining a new job this year?

What many job seekers aren’t privy to is: statistics surprisingly illustrate that approximately 80% of vacancies within companies are never publicly advertised—nope—instead, they are filled through employee referrals! This saves companies both time and money. These opportunities are hidden from the public eye and careerist never find out about them as they enthusiastically go from job board to job board in search of their dream job.

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