Who are you as a leader? What is at the core of your executive DNA?


The answer to this question is crucial because it will serve as a brand development compass. Don’t try to be anyone else or to ‘guestimate’ what employers might want to hear. Instead, let’s uncover the value your authentic brand delivers. Yes, ultimately we must tie your brand promise to what your target company needs. First, let’s focus on ‘commercializing’ who you truly are as an executive.

1 . Where are you heading?

The first question I pose to my executive clients is simply, “What is your career path?” If we know where you are heading, then we can dive into the Why and What is calling you there.

2. Why?

Why are you interested in this next-level career move? Why does it call you? How will it be more fulfilling than where you are now?

3. What?

What value does your experience offer in this new position and how is it unique?


Authentic Brand Exercise 

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Hidden Marketing Strategies for a Winning Executive Resume

Hidden Marketing Strategies for a Winning Executive Resume

Take an honest look at your resume. Go ahead…I’ll wait. Now, tell me, what did you feel? Are you proud of this dossier? Did you discover that your best triumphs jump off the page and grab you? Does it highlight your best accomplishments, paying homage to your legacy? Has it outlined the steps of your journey to the top? Would you confidently rely on this resume to guide your interview with a top Fortune 50 /100/500 firm?

Writing a spellbinding and persuasive resume isn’t just about polishing it [SMH]. Your executive resume must woo your reader and make them IMAGINE, FEEL, and ACT! Yes, yes, yes! FEEL something. Feel curious enough to continue reading…compelled to call you, engrossed in learning more about you. Their gut feeling should tell them that you might just be the best!

So how do you create a propulsion toward YOU and get YOU into that executive chair?

Promise. What is your brand promise? What is your guarantee? What do you clearly state you will deliver?

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LinkedinLet’s get right into it. Shall we?


#1 – No picture.

Profiles with no pictures are ignored [because they are boring]. Please place a picture on LinkedIn. Stop procrastinating, get a nice headshot, Photoshop it just a bit if you must, but get one pronto! Contrary to what others will say regarding attire, I am advising you go with something other than the ‘mundane’ black business suit. A warmer earthy tone will help your profile pop in the sea of black attire.

If you don’t have time to attend a professional photoshoot and have decided to take your own picture then please be very attentive. Choose a picture that zooms in on your attractive face, smile, polish your look, choose a clean and well-lit background, and please make sure you are the only person in the picture (no family members, no one else in the background and definitely no pets.)


#2 –No tagline in the “Headline” section.

Most LinkedIn users will list their most recent job title in this area since this is what populates by default. This is a huge mistake as the Headline section not only is a great keyword section, helping you gain better traction on LinkedIn and Google, but because this is excellent real estate (ROI). Use this Headline section to make a strong impression and offer value to your network.

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wineAs wine ages, it becomes more sophisticated and desirable. As an executive, yes, experience is on your side. However, that does not mean that aging your resume makes you more attractive to hiring managers.

Despite how mature and ‘seasoned’ you are, the truth is, leading-edge and industry-dominant companies seek fresh, strategic thinkers at the helm of their corporations and face-to-face with their top clients. Yes, perhaps you are exactly that type of hybrid executive who offers extensive experience and a creative, youthful perspective. Does your executive resume reflect this duality? Or as years have passed, you’ve packed on the skills and accolades, yet you have neglected to take care of your own personal marketing needs, resulting in a resume that looks more like it belongs in circa 1999?

Steps To Pull Your Executive Resume Out of the Cellar and Dusted Off

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