You clicked on the link, so I guess no one told you either! Alright. Here it is:

The executive biography is just as important as the executive resume (gasp)!


Executive biography

Executive Biography

Yes, and this is coming from a professional resume writer!

An executive biography markets your leadership profile and career progression in a more organically engaging and concise manner than the executive resume. The executive resume, when masterfully crafted, is a hard-hitting dossier with a series of accomplishments from the employer ‘s eye view. The executive resume follows a chronological order and warrants that the writer embark on a dance with keywords, industry jargon, and lexicon.  However, when writing your executive biography, you have creative latitude to tell YOUR story YOUR way with a few career-defining milestones to anchor your value-driven career journey.

You will weave into your executive biography your personal values, career brand, and vision. The expected results? You will call to action companies whose culture would perfectly align with your behavioral style, leadership philosophy, and career goals.

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