What if I asked you to step outside of yourself for a moment and imagine coaching YOU!



What words of wisdom would you have to impart, if you were interviewing or coaching someone with your career history and qualifications? The answer may surprise you.

The following sure surprised and delighted me when I heard it come from the other side of the phone–and, I could ‘feel’ my client’s goosebumps once she realized the power of what she said.

Me: “Despite all the challenges you have had around switching employments, if you were interviewing someone with your experience for a position, what value could you see yourself harnessing from that person in front of you?”

Client: [Long pause, followed by a low exhale.] “I would say, you have a lot to offer because of your wide-ranging experience. The breadth of your exposure is unusual, but it will serve us well. Your skillset is diverse, and it appears to me you can handle anything that is thrown at you. You are not the type of person that always does it the same way. In each of your positions you surpassed what was asked of you. You will bring new ways of thinking that deliver results.”

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